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Wed Nov 15 00:10:00 MST 1995

        I am a student in grade 9 and it amazes me that most students I know,
when you explain to them what Marxism is without using the dreaded words
"MARXISM", "CLASS", "COMMUNIST", "COMMUNE", They agree with most or all the
principals. It is only the students of FAR-RIGHT parrents who do not agree
with Marxist principals. Why is it that until grade 10, students agree with
the dissidents ideals of Marxism, and after they are anti-Marxist.
        I explained this to one teacher and there reasoning was that younger
students are going throw there 'rebellious' stage. This can not be true,
most students are still participate in Dissidents or Anti-social behavior,
without agreeing with Socialism, Anarchism, or other traits of
anti-capitalist politics.
        I explain is as because of the way are school system rewards
non-dissidents, or non-Marxist dissidents. I found that the students who
stick up for themselves(me) are given bad grades, 'special treatment',
Suspended, put in different classes, and himilated, until they, and the
other students conform.
Society also deems that in school one must have money, the best jeans, etc.
in order to be popular, I.E. part of society.
        It is also intrusting that counties with a education system like
Canada's and the U.S.'s, revolt in popular rebellions when the people are
repressed, counties with a similar education system increasingly accepts the
injustices put against them.
        Society always placed a great deal of responsibility in teachers, is
it not time we,, the people took that responsibility back.

        Just an old red rangling on....


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