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Bradley Mayer concrete at
Wed Nov 15 00:30:40 MST 1995

Re: The Market Socialist sleight of hand, in which "command economy" is 
substituted for "planned economy":
	"Command economy" is of obvious bourgeois economics textbook 
coinage; it has never been part of a marxist conception of a socialist 
revolution to abolish capitalism and with it, the centrality of the 
market within the relations of production.  Nobody will be fooled into 
taking sides in a dispute framed as "Market Socialism" vs. "Command 
Economy" no more than anyone will join in with "Democracy" vs. "Central 
Planning", as if only markets were distributive and "planning" only 
centralized, the antithesis of democracy.
	As for Slovenia, a tendency must be suicidal to attempt to stand 
upon any part of the remains of the former Yugoslavia - this smacks of a 
complete lack of perspective.
	But such is life with our "Post-Proudhonists".
			-Brad Mayer

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