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Wed Nov 15 12:12:55 MST 1995

	That's the transitional state between capitalism and socialism
comrade. Only an ultraleftist would argue that we must abolish the market 
immediately after the revolution. But, from day one, our goal must be its 
whithering away.

	As for the Chinese famine, the highest figure until now that I had
hear was 8 million (which is still too damned high). This was caused by
incredible stupidity and by bureaucratic planning which had no connection
with reality. But, even accepting the 20 million figure, which is 5
million a year for four years, in a country of (at the time) more than
half a billion, is in deed a "small" number. The question could be asked,
how much worse would it have been had China remained geared to the market?
China had a famine every couple of years until the Revolution, how many
people have been saved by central planning? Today, tens of millions die 
every year because of market mechanisms (and I realize we are talking 
about two different animals, capitalist vs. theoretical socialist 
markets), I would say that this famine is far greater than the Chinese 

	Comrade Proyect did an excellect post on the causes of the
failures of centralized planning in the U.S.S.R. Perhaps he would be kind
enough to send you a copy if you asked. 

Marc, "the Chegitz," Luzietti

I'm not anti-society, society's anti-me
I'm not anti-religion, religion's anti-me
I'm not anti-tradition, tradition's anti-me
I'm not anti-anything, I just want to be free.

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