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Mike Dean hs066 at
Wed Nov 15 18:18:01 MST 1995

  It is good to hear from a fellow high school marxist!  I am in tenth grade
and can relate to what you are going through.  It is very hard to explain to people the meaning of socialism, communism etc. when those people have only heard 
the terms in association with the U.S.S.R., China etc.  I beleive that thel
(this) is the main reason for the missunderstanding of marxist theory amoung all americans. I still hesitate to let it be knowen that I am a "commie".  When 
anyone askes as to weather or not I am a communist I reply "Depends what you
think a communist is."  It helps if you have them explain what they think it is 
before you go and try to explain it yourself.  Most students will insist that
communism will only work on paper, bu there is not much that you can do about that, unless you plan to sit down with them for a few hours!  I only know one 
person who will seriously discuss marxism, hegel, materialism, and other
"dangerous" and misunderstood topics.  Finaly some adults are beginning to relize that I am serious about my opinions.  They no longer feel that I am "rebelling".  As a matter of fact I recently had my first conversation with my father about socialism.  For the first time he actually respected and considered my views
about the way things are.
     I hope tho talk to you some more about your thoughts and experiances as a  "teenage Marxist".
  Don't get blacklisted,
      Mike Dean
  Washington St.

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