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Wed Nov 15 19:28:01 MST 1995

>        I am a student in grade 9 and it amazes me that most students I know,
>when you explain to them what Marxism is without using the dreaded words
>"MARXISM", "CLASS", "COMMUNIST", "COMMUNE", They agree with most or all the
>principals. It is only the students of FAR-RIGHT parrents who do not agree
>with Marxist principals. Why is it that until grade 10, students agree with
>the dissidents ideals of Marxism, and after they are anti-Marxist.

Welcome to the Marxism List Frank!  Shit, I knew nothing about Marx in high
school until year 12 when the Bolshevik Revolution was discussed in History
class, although (perhaps because?) I went to a state school and am from a
working-class family.  I think what you say is correct.  Marxism has a
certain resonance with the people (non-Rightist ideologues that is) on the
receiving end of capitalism's bullshit.  In order to immunise the worker's
against the Marxist 'disease' schools and the media turn certain words into
taboos.  I guess the next step is to convince people that agree with you
when you leave out these taboo concepts that these taboos are constructed
to keep them down.  I've always hated moralism and have always been keen to
break taboos, I guess this is why, when I first became acquainted with
Marxism at Flinders University (in late 1991 - our lectures coincided with
the downfall of the USSR, but this only encouraged me to be more interested
in Marxism - 'WHY are all these pricks I can't stand the sight of (i.e. the
Adelaide eastern suburbs petty-bourgeois) so excited about this event?'
'WHY is this event a *theoretical refutation* of Marx?', etc).  Perhaps if
you ask your class-mates 'WHY is our teacher so concerned to silence me?'
they will eventually come to support you.

Glad to have you on the list.  Looking forward to seeing your paper on Marx.


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