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>At 10:46 AM 11/14/95, Jeffrey Booth wrote:

>>        "Rudeness... ."  Rudeness is the short-hand of the oppressed!
>>The memo of the maimed!  I've held back on flaming the Jesuit.  I thought
>>it was obvious that his whole method is non-materialist.  Therefore,
>>tomorrow he could be on Hiders of Nazi War Criminals List with others of
>>his Oder.  Why try to engage a religious propagandist in a materially
>>based discussion?  But people tried... .
>        Some people on this list are getting mad at the injection of
>>religious superstition BECAUSE IT IS REPRESSIVE.  As a former Catholic
>>who suffered through six years of CYO basketball and two years at a
>>Catholic "University" I can testify that whatever flack the Jesuit gets,
>>he's got it coming to him.

>I can't accept this. Philosophically, I think religion is a crock. I wish
>it would go away. And religion is often a reactionary social force. But it
>isn't always, by any means. There are many people who are passionately
>engaged in left politics who are there because of their religious beliefs.
>It's all a matter of how a religious person acts in the world. If they're
>dreamily disengaged or active forces for evil, then we can thrash them
>appropriately. If they're doing the right thing, then they're comrades &
>friends. Burns is one of those - the guy doesn't deserve to be flamed.


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The part quoted is in the last paragraph above, the one Doug states I 
attributed to him, was my own creative input!


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