Ralph Goes Sociopathic Again

LeoCasey at aol.com LeoCasey at aol.com
Thu Nov 16 19:23:16 MST 1995

Ralph Dumain writes:

>There is no greater vulgarity than an arrogant Jesuit pisspot who
>won't shut his mouth.  Shouldn't you be molesting some altar boy
>somewhere?  Can't you peddle your poison somewhere else?

Dear Brother Burns (I prefer to address you as a member of the socialist
family) --

IMHO, Ralph is our resident cybernetic sociopath, with some very complex
sexual dysfunctions which express themselves in statements like the above. If
you have clinical psychological training to add to your analytical
philosophy, he may be an interesting object of observation, but otherwise one
should just pray his borderline personality doesn't completely decompose.

For what it is worth (for I am somewhat of an apostate on this list, too) I
find your interventions well thought out and logically argued, and well worth
the investment of time in reading them. You have made the list richer. 

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