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Thu Nov 16 13:33:44 MST 1995

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995, Lisa Rogers wrote:

> Engels [or rather Engels/Marx/Morgan] and Alex use some terms
> unfamiliar to me, or use them differently.  For instance, the word
> gens or gente does not mean clan or kin-group.  It is defined as a
> matrilineal kin-group, and it has other properties attached to it. 
> Engels still uses the term in speaking of patriarchal societies,
> which seems a bit confusing, but it is based on the claim that
> previously all societies were matrilineal, and that traces of that
> social organization are evident in the kinship/terminology of still
> living cultures.

	Maybe it's up to Lisa Rogers and other marxists to come up with
the definitive update on FPPS -- I've always felt a little uncomfortable
defending 100 yearold data..! 

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