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>This is a bit harsh isn't it?
>> There is no greater vulgarity than an arrogant Jesuit pisspot who 
>> won't shut his mouth.  Shouldn't you be molesting some altar boy 
>> somewhere?  Can't you peddle your poison somewhere else?

to characterize this as "harsh" is to describe a bigot as disagreeable. this
is pretty standard KKK-type anti-catholic crap. oh, i know, now i'll get mail
from some ex-catholic who was "tortured" by a few years of catholic
education. what if this comment was directed against a Jew and said "no
greater vulgarity than an arrogant Jewish moneygrubber who can't keep his
hand out of your pocket. shouldnt you be shylocking in some ghetto ?" there
are at least some who could recognize that for what it is. 

and then there are those who can't. bigotry is not confined to some
right-wing personalities. it often is uglier on the left.

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