Will communism ever happen?

Louise 94913099 at mmu.ac.uk
Fri Nov 17 05:09:13 MST 1995

        Are we ever going to get a communist society as Marx saw it? 
        Are we ever going to have communism at all?
    We all know that what existed in the Soviet Union was not 
communism, and had little to do with what Marx had his writings. 
What's important though is that they tried initially to follow Marx, 
to develop into a communist state, rather than the fascist 
dictatorship it became. As Russia had it's revolution, so was the 
whole world ment to. Together communism should have been developed, 
but the whole world didn't have a revolution and still over a hundred 
years on from Marx's writings, we still seem no closer to a 
revolution. Despite everything is in the right state in the developed 
world for Marx's socialist society to be built, but the main stream 
working class are not talking of revolution. Most people in the 
industral world seem quite content with capitalism. There are 
complaints, but not enough discontent for revolution. Does Marx's so-
called "vision" of communism really have any relevance for today? 
    The world has changed since Marx started writeing, how can we 
apply what he wrote then to today? We live in a world that Marx could 
never imagine. I don't believe that the lack of revolution is due to 
the mind manipulation of the bougious class, if people really wanted 
revolution they'd seek it. Besides, the working class in Britain is 
as large as the middle class, what would Marx say about that? We've 
come to the point where wealth is not taken by a few privaliged in 
one country, but by a few countries in the world. A person living in 
the developed world has far more freedom, wealth, etc. than in the 
majority of the people living in developing countries. I can't see 
communism today, and unlikely tomorrow, can you?


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