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>     Slovenia is still socialist and in pretty good shape.
>     The question on democracy still holds and very seriously.
>Saying that you are thinking about it is a weak excuse for avoiding
>it.  FACT:  No permanent command economy in history has been a
>political democracy.  Marx said he was for democracy, mostly, 
>despite occasional grumblings about "bourgeois democracy"
>and the "dicatatorship of the proletariat."  We know market socialism
>can coexist with democracy.  Can command socialism on a permanent
>Barkley Rosser

Mauro jr:
It's evident Barkely call socialism what in this list is named "command
economy" (I'd name it state capitalism). 
And it seems is extremely difficult to re-state the ABC of socialims (at
least after Engels'work on utopian socialism). Socialism means the
SOCIALISATION of the means of production, not their statisation. The
trabnsformation and change of juridical forms of property doesn't affect the
capitalism mode of production (CMP). In the "Antidhuring" Engels wrote as he
knew the future mystification by stalinists. Read it back.
Socialist production is decided and organised on the census of the social
needs (of course, at the level of the "civilisation" reached by the social
formation at stake). Who does carry one the census? The same organs of the
proletarian dictatoship: the workers (not citizens!) councils, through their
horizontal and vertical organisation (the semi-state). Is it a so difficult
problem to be solved? It was difficult when Lenin talked it of in State and
Revolution (read it back). But nowadays? Will we be so unclever and stupid
to do not use the computers, the telecommunications and all the nice stuff
capitalism has brought (and now use against us)? Will not the banks, with
the technological means that originated the "plastic money", be a powerful
instrument both for the censuns of the needs and for the first-stage
calculations of the workers' credit on the global production? For they'll
cease their present activity.
Of couse, these are drafts of the operative lines of socialism to approach
and solve the jungle of problems and the communist (the international
proletarian party) has a lot of work to do on it.
Notwithstanding, this is socialism. Any other "centralised" or "command"
economy is capitalism. You can be interested in how much democracy this damn
capitalism make you a present of. But one must be clear on what is talking of. 
And if it is capitalism, both the Slovenian and Serb one or Croat, the
marxists have an only attitude toward the war amongst them: to oppose it on
the class bases, with the class struggles up to revolutionary defeatism and
even because, choosing between one or the other capitalism, much or less
democratic, we'll pass through thousands of wars, where the workers are used
just as cannon fodder.
Exactly as in Ex-Yugoslavia.
Rev. greetings
Mauro Junior
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