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Adam Rose <adam at> criticises me for saying:

i) "some in leading positions in trade unions (they are not all bureaucrats)"

ii) "Labour's transformation into just another capitalist party is almost
complete, almost undistinguishable from the Tories and Lib Dems."

i) "some in leading positions in trade unions (they are not all bureaucrats)"

He is making an underhand attack on Militant Labour, since some of our
members are in leading positions (though not leading an entire trade union).
They are revolutionaries and I completely refute the allegation that they are 

Militant Labour demands that all workers' representatives, including trade
union leaders and MPs live on a workers' wage.  Their high wages is the main
reason that most of them become bureaucrats and out-of-touch with the workers
they purport to represent.

So what should revolutionaries do when union leaders betray their members
- shrug our shoulders and say "union leaders always sell out" or fight for
union leaders who won't (or are less likely to)?

I'd agree with at least some of his criticisms of Arthur Scargill and the
Communist Party - but he tries to tar Militant Labour with the same brush
without a shred of evidence.  Militant Labour would never put all reliance
on union leaders - we organise the rank and file *as well as* fighting for
left leaderships (indeed, we wouldn't attempt to stand for leading positions
without a base amongst the rank and file).

ii)	"Labour's transformation into just another capitalist party is almost

The dogmatic position Adam puts forward is essentially identical to that of
Socialist Appeal (the small organisation that split from Militant in order
to stay in the Labour Party).

>As a result of this essential nature, it is an absolute certainty that the
>Labour Party "will shift significantly to the left in the future". 

He completely rules out the possibility of it transforming itself completely
into a capitalist party.  Since it should be clear to many that this is
precisely what is happening, I'll answer in the form of a couple of

	a)	Would you call the Democratic Party in the USA "a Capitalist
Workers Party"?

	b)	If not, why do you rule out the possibility of Labour
transforming itself into a carbon copy of the Democrats?

Adam concludes that "it is neccessary to build a left alternative to it"
and I completely agree.  That is why I say, build the Socialist Labour
Party.  And if you disagree with its policies and tactics, argue within
that party for those you agree with.  I agree that "left reformists get
a militant working class back on constitutional rails", so get involved
and do something about it!

Steve (Militant Labour).

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