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Fri Nov 17 12:28:50 MST 1995

On Fri, 17 Nov 1995, Steve Wallis wrote:

> Adam concludes that "it is neccessary to build a left alternative to it"
> and I completely agree.  That is why I say, build the Socialist Labour
> Party.  And if you disagree with its policies and tactics, argue within
> that party for those you agree with.  I agree that "left reformists get
> a militant working class back on constitutional rails", so get involved
> and do something about it!
Louis: I support the Militant Labor Party--or whatever you call 
yourself--on its efforts to fuse with the efforts of a broader formation 
such as the SLP. The SLP has the possibility of becoming a massive 
left-wing socialist party. Scargill is an accomplished union leader and 
class-struggle politician, from all evidence. The only thing I would 
suggest is that you don't behave like those bad-news Trotskyites did when 
they carried out the "French turn". Don't be a faction of the SLP, be 
members of some kind of broad left-wing tendency in it. Dissolve that 
Militant thing whatever you call it and get with some real action. That's 
what I'd do, anyhow.

You ask, how dare I give you advice? I'll take advice from you whenever 
you want to offer it. Socialists in other countries have to learn and 
take advice. Castro advised the Sandinistas and the FMLN and the advice 
worked. I've advised Castro on innumerable occasions, but unfortunately 
he's ignored me. What can you do?

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