Fascism (Rose and Proyect)

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Fri Nov 17 18:27:14 MST 1995

On Fri, 17 Nov 1995 ROSSERJB at vax1.acs.jmu.edu wrote:

>      Crushing workers' councils does not fascism make.

	I'd say that it's a GOOD SIGN OF IT..!

> Are all anti-worker systems fascist?  This makes the term
> "fascist" so broad as to become meaningless.

	Not in this particular case.

>      I am not defending the current Iranian regime.  As I
> said, it is repressive, reactionary, and anti-worker.  It is
> also fanatic in its ideology of Shi'i Islam and fundamentalist
> Islam more generally, funding various movements in various 
> countries, some of them democratic, as in Algeria, some far 
> from it and committed to pure terrorism.

	Welcome to the NEO-fascism: the fascism of the 21st Century...

>      But the Iranian regime is not racist, and as apparently
> you agree, certainly less nationalistic than the Shah's regime.
> Barkley Rosser

	I'm not necessarily sure that that's true (how are they treating
the arabs, the Kurds, the Baluchis and the Lor, etc.?), but it _would_
certainly be a stumbling-block in designating them _purely_ fascistic... 

	I wish an Irani commie would get on here...

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