Why I Love/Hate Louis Proyect

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Fri Nov 17 19:31:51 MST 1995

	After a perceptive look at the `New Left' influence on today's
marxists, and its fading echos,

On Fri, 17 Nov 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Finally, on the subject of the "quality" of the discussion on the list. 
> This is an unmoderated list, so we can not block the sophomoric 
> contributions of some maladjusted men. (By the way, cursing and geekiness 
> on the net seems to be a male phenomenon whatever the subject.) But this 
> is looking at only one aspect of the list. The seminar we are having on 
> fascism, and the discussion recently concluded on the civil war in former 
> Yugoslavia, is as high-level as any taking place in any academic 
> institution in the world today. Where else would you find graduate 
> students, workers, "wise-use" advocates exchanging ideas almost in 
> real-time about some of the most important political questions facing 
> humanity today. This list will always have an cacophonous aspect as long 
> as it is unmoderated, but I prefer it that way. Life itself is 
> cacophonous. This is not a faculty lounge, this is the electronic 
> equivalent of real points of view, and real disturbances, that exist in 
> society. Get used to it. Our goal (at least mine) is socialism and there 
> is a lot of fractiousness and disgusting behavior that we must pass 
> through to achieve our goal.

	This is why I love Louis.  This is near sublime (for those of you
who might have trouble seeing it... :)  I think that the Truth of it is
self-evident (speaking of echos...)

	Now -- wouldn't you want to put up with the occasional dyspeptic
outburst for this (not to mention the odd Machiavellianesque manipulation)??

	Same goes for Ralph.

	There's NOWHERE better on this planet than the Marxism List.  
Let's enjoy our good fortune..!!  :>

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