12 step recovery for Young Hegelians

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12 step Young Hegelian recovery therapy

1. Recognize your addiction to ideas for their own sake and unattached to 
meaningful action. Therapy can only work for those who wish to be cured.

2. Give up your daytime job, if you've been getting paid to have "original" 
ideas at the expense of a relationship to reality AND the ability to change 
that reality.

3. Examine the Marxist pharmaceutical lab. Pick the "Holy Family" cure.

4. Re-read and try really hard to figure out why Marx said:

"Ideas can never lead beyond an old-world system but only beyond the 
ideas of the old-world system. Ideas cannot carry anything out at all. In 
order to carry out ideas men are needed who dispose of a certain practical 
force." ("The French Revolution" *The Holy Family* David McLellan ed., 
Karl Marx: Selected Writings (Oxford University Press, 1977), p. 147.)

5. Now figure out if Marx thought "Absolute Criticism" was a good thing 
or not and why not:

"Absolute Criticism has declared the 'mass' to be the true enemy of the 
spirit. This it develops as follows:

"'The spirit now knows where to look for its only adversary--in the self-
deception and the pithlessness of the mass.' [Go forward five steps if you 
can figure out if Marx was for the overuse of the concept of false 
consciousness or not.]

"Absolute Criticism proceeds from the dogma of the absolute competency 
of the 'spirit'. Furthermore, it proceeds from the dogma of the 
extramundane existence of the spirit, i.e. of its existence outside the mass 
of humanity. Finally it transforms 'the spirit', 'progress', on the one hand, 
and the 'mass', on the other, into fixed beings, into concepts, and relates 
them one to the other in that form as given invariable extremes. It does not 
occur to Absolute Criticism to investigate the 'spirit' itself, to find out 
whether it is not its own spiritualistic nature, its airy pretensions that justify 
'the phrase', 'self-deception' and 'pithlessness'. The spirit, on the contrary, is 
absolute, but unfortunately at the same time it continually falls into 
spiritlessness; it continually calculates without the master, hence it must 
necessarily have an adversary that intrigues against it. That adversary is the 

("The Idealist View of History," *The Holy Family* David McLellan ed., 
Karl Marx: Selected Writings (Oxford University Press, 1977), p. 142.)

6. Realize you must give up your misanthropic intellectualism and now 
defend existing or historically existing social movements.

7. Did you just say Trotsky in 1917? If all you can say is Trotsky in 1917, 
then welcome to the movement for socialism in one and only one country. 
Deposit your internationalist credentials in the nearest outdoor latrine. Mr. 
Zhironovsky will escort you out of this program for a more suitable one.

8. If you were a Trotskyist once, and if you only picked one more country 
that happens to be led by another great speech-maker, military leader and 
otherwise lucky devil who made it to power without painstaking party-
building, go forward one step for picking Castro anyway. (We know it was 
a lot of work for you to pick TWO countries' revolutions existing in reality 
that you actually have something positive to say about.)

9. Ask yourself why you are now defending social-democratic, bourgeois 
religious and other watery movements if you are still criticizing all the 
original "Stalinist" movements in China, Korea, Vietnam, Kampuchea, 
Albania, World War II Yugoslavia, Peru, the Philippines etc. Choose 
between bourgeois pragmatism and Marxist materialism. Exit therapy 
immediately if you realize you no longer wish to be a Marxist, if for 
instance you don't think revolutions are necessary. Side effects of this 
program may be hazardous to the health of social-democrats.

10. If your name is Proyect or Dumain, return to step 1.

11. We can reach a peaceful world, classlessness and economic harmony 
without violence!

12. Go back to step 1 if you believed number 11.

13. Did you just say we promised only 12 steps? We could have done it in 
11? Go back to step 1 with the other baby-kissing opportunist campaigners 
who speak "of 'truths which are understood of themselves from the start.'"
("The Idealist View of History," *The Holy Family* David McLellan ed., 
Karl Marx: Selected Writings (Oxford University Press, 1977), p. 139.)

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