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Sat Nov 18 07:00:44 MST 1995

The participants on this list who live in Great Britain are in a better
position than us in the U.S. to judge this proposal for a new "socialist"
labour party.  However, I wish to offer a word of caution.

First, I find it extremely interested that the Grant Group (Militant), which
has been part of the Labour Party since its foundation in 1951, seems to be
interested at this point in a split.  I wonder if its judgement is any better
than the Cliff Group (SWP) which split from the Labour Party in 196?, or
Healy in 1964?  

Second: why now?  Has something QUALITATIVE taken place within the BLP?  Is
Blair really that different from Wilson?  Or is it simply that this new
proposed Scargill-based party seems to be a better pond to fish in than the
BLP?  Does it not always boil down to the impatience of the entrist-oriented

If I have understood the "entrist" tactic -- and admittedly I may not have --
the idea was that one was to be part of the Labour Party as long as the
working class was part of it.  Then, at the point of REVOLUTION, or at least
a radical mass upsurge, that party would break apart out of real class
contradictions and the revolutionary party would emerge.  Is Britain at such
a point now?

Just some questions.  How about some answers?

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