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Sat Nov 18 08:26:24 MST 1995

On Sat, 18 Nov 1995 glevy at wrote:

> Jerry
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> That thread has been sabotaged by a person who believes that all one has 
> to do is go to the old texts of Marx, Trotsky, and Guerin to understand 
> fascism. That person has dismissed all other perspectives and has made 
> an intelligent and critical examination of that topic impossible.
Louis: Yeah, Jerry, I've sabotaged the discussion. Every intelligent 
contribution you've made has been intercepted in mid-stream on the tcp-ip 
network by a sophisticated program I've written that identifies your ip 
address and erases your message.

Your problem, Jerry, is that you don't listen. You are so full of 
yourself that you don't hear what other people are saying. I made the 
exact point some time ago very forcefully that the writings of Trotsky do 
not address current reality and that what I hoped would come out of the 
cyberseminar is an analysis that was geared to current realities.

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