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ROSSERJB at vax1.acs.jmu.edu ROSSERJB at vax1.acs.jmu.edu
Fri Nov 17 09:46:30 MST 1995

To Louis P;
     I apologize that I sent out so many versions of
essentially the same message.  The system here had a
bug in it and nothing was going out for awhile.
     I find it somewhere between absurd and ironic that
you cheer at the absence of MIM who are Marxists, if
not your stripe, and who at least are better behaved than
good old Ralph D.  I'll be off for a few days ("hurray,"
say you, "get lost for good!"), but I'll be back.  But since
you have now made clear your view on what "democracy" is
I shan't hound you about it anymore.
     It is not news that we disagree politically, but I do
not think your co-mods would approve of you "purging" people
singehandedly from the list with whom you disagree.  That 
sounds like certain, uh, undemocratic figures, but then I know
that you would disagree with such a characterization.
     Again, I repeat that the fascism seminar has been most
stimulating.  Try to hold your bourbon while you encounter the 
software women Trotskyites!
Barkley Rosser

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