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> To Gary:
>The entire significance of my observations were missed by those who
>responded to them. I argued that Paisley, Joe Slovo and Bill Clinton
>essentially serve the interests of imperialism and in this sense can be
>organized into one general category or set. The empirical evidence can be
>presented to establish this claim. However contained within this political
>set  is a large variety of political subsets. Clearly then I recognize that
>there are specific differences between these individuals politically and
>that as elements they are individually differentiated into different
>subsets. In other words they each share the common feature of serving the
>interests of capital but they do this in specifically different ways. So
>Churchill and Hitler both served bourgeois interests but they did so in
>specifically different ways.

 Mauro.jr: I highly appreciated this approach which, while is perfectly
class-minded, it seems to be substantially unknown to many <marxists>.
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