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Sat Nov 18 19:36:31 MST 1995

On Sat, 18 Nov 1995, Ryan Daum wrote:

> In response to Louis's "advice" to Militant Labour.
> Your "advice" to Militant is ridiculous.  Organizations should not 
> dissolve themselves into broader fusions -- they should work in them as 
> outlined tendencies which have the right to have their own press, their 
> own international links, and their own organization in and out of the new 
> party.  The party should be a federation of activists with various lines 

Louis: Trotskyist parties operating under their own discipline is 
antithetical to the needs of larger socialist parties such as the Workers 
Party. Unless the Fourth Internationalist parties have gone through an 
unbelievable evolution since the days I was around Trotskyism--nearly 2 
decades ago--the rules are that no party member would argue or vote 
against a party line between conventions. If Cargill goes ahead and 
launches this broader formation, it would undermine it to have SLP 
members who took their cue from their own party representatives at mass 
meetings rather than voting on their conscience. Discipline, democratic 
centralism, should flow from decisions made about *specific* actions that 
the majority of the SLP decides, not Trotskyist fractions. This was 
Bolshevism. This was not the practice of either the Cannonite or the 
Mandelista wings of the FI.

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