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Sat Nov 18 07:48:50 MST 1995

> > Let's discuss this topic for a while. It is more important than some 
> > recent threads, IMO.

  The green/red dialectic is something that I have a passing 
> interest in and have written a sentence or two about since I've been on 
> the list, but I don't have much time now for discussing it since I'm so 
> tied up with the less important thread related to fascism.

That thread has been sabotaged by a person who believes that all one has 
to do is go to the old texts of Marx, Trotsky, and Guerin to understand 
fascism. That person has dismissed all other perspectives and has made 
an intelligent and critical examination of that topic impossible.

While fascism should be discussed (and while we needed someone much more 
capable to lead the discussion), I do not think that the question of the 
Greens and a Marxist perspective on ecology is unimportant. Perhaps Louis 
feels that the future can be left to the future. The future is now. 
Unless Marxists can develop an effective strategy for dealing with these 
issues, then they will be trivialized and marginalized politically in 
many countries and will be condemned by history [assuming that there will 
be anyone left to write history].

 Maybe you 
> could answer some of these questions you've posed yourself. After all, 
> you are a professor and have the necessary qualifications to expostulate 
> on such heady topics.

Anti-intellectualism is a position that has *no* place in Marxism, except 
the most vulgar and crude versions of Maoism and economism. So, ecology 
is such a "heady topic" that can only be dealt with by "professors"? For 
all their talk about being political activists, some people (Louis 
included) display the most astonishing lack of political understanding 
and experience. 

I was trying to stimulate discussion on this list on what I view as 
important issues. Those who care about this list can either discuss these 
issues or suggest other important threads.

Someone talked about the "Love/Hate" relationship that they have with 
Louis. He has occasionally made some real contributions to this list. 
More often than not, though, in recent times, he has been a liability. 
He should go on the vacation that he promised instead of teasing us into 
believing that things will improve.


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