Steven C Boswell scb2 at
Sat Nov 18 13:14:33 MST 1995

Greetings to all who are frequenting this space.

I am new to the list and am very interested in the discussions.  However, 
I feel the need to express a concern I have.  Are we already speaking to 
the already converted?  I mean it seems that all of the people responding 
are of leftist leanings.  This is great as long as there is some kind of 
_Praxis_ happening.  I am not assuming that there is none, I just hope 
that some of us don't think this virtual space represents too much 
praxis.  I think there is a lot more going on out in the "real time" 
world that needs to be helped.  Continue virtually discussing "What is to 
be done" but also continue to act on your feelings.

Resistance is not futile.

Steve B.

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