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Chris Burford cburford at
Sun Nov 19 04:36:26 MST 1995

Because I value both Louis and Jerry I decided to post my 
comments without delaying further despite the fact that owing to 
a glitch I had not get digest 189. As my purpose was not to judge 
either of them, that does not matter. I hope they would understand
that I was not trying to take sides on whether or not it was 
productive to check the connection between Wittgenstein and post 

My view is that anything that promotes a dialogue among all economists
opposed to neo-classicism is part of vital practice, however abstract
at first it seems. I can understand now Jerry being miffed about
the remark about flatulant beans. Really Louis and Jerry seem to 
me to be talking past each other on this point. The fundamental
difficulty is that no one individual can do all the tasks required
for the rebirth of marxism, (nor can any one organisation). There is a 
need both for the consolidation of core marxist ideas, and the 
exploration of dialogue with non-marxist progressive tendencies. 

Under shortage of time this contradiction can feel acute. It needs to 
be handled well.

Chris, London.

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