Steve McDonald, do you need to change your diaper?

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Sun Nov 19 09:13:14 MST 1995

From: "Matt D." <afn02065 at>

>Little Stevie McDonald, during time-out at the University of Connecticut
>day care center, wrote:

My life isn't quite so boring that I have time to respond to posts like this,
but I'll make a small exception for Matt D.

>Mommy, mommy, Ralph is being a big meanie!


>This reveals only your own miserable ignorance.  Ralph's contributions
>on Farrakhan and cultural studies have been often extraordinarily
>illuminating.  As for the Jesuit -- hello? this is a Marxism list?  He's a
>priest, fer chrissakes!  Besides, aren't these cannibals trained to
>turn the other cheek?

Yes, kill the Jesiut.  Of course.  Kill everyone but marxists so that we won't
have to have a revolution after all.  Then we can all kill ourselves and Ralph
will rule.  Hail Ralph.  (vomit)

(My sense of a real marxism involves less hating people themselves, but perhaps
hating the things they do or they roles they inhabit.  Marx warned of this.  I
don't remember where;  don't ask me.)  

>(BTW -- Peter Burns is the name of the blond doctor on Melrose Place, you
>know, the one who tried to kill Amanda but now is in love w/ her?  Weird
>coincidence -- or is it?)

(BTW -- Matt D is the name of a kid when I was in third grade.  Darren P and I
threw Matt D off the slide and he broke both arms.  Isn't that some

>Who the FUCK are you to say this about Ralph?  Except for certain
>whiny cry-babies like yourself, most of us on the list have had long
>and productive exchanges w/ Ralph on a variety of topics.  If his 
>language offends your sensitive ears, delete his posts -- but you
>have NO standing from which to criticize his politics.

If you are defending Ralph's right to say whatever he wants, I'll do the same. 
(Say whatever the fuck I want to, that is.)
Y'all taught me that when you pointed out the alleged contradiction in my
diatribe.  ANd I have every standing to criticize his politics.  If I am not
allowed to talk about Ralph's politics, then I criticize your warped notion of
allegiance to Ralph as anti-political, too.

>It sounds like you have some self-esteem issues?  Resentment at the
>way you were potty-trained?  In any event, these are questions you should
>take up w/ your therapist.  Sniffling about dysfunctional this and co-
>dependent that is more appropriate to your weekly session than to this

Me, self-esteem issues?  This from you, who has to resort to third-grade
rhetoric to make a point?  OK, Matt D, I am juvenile. And you're infantile.  
Point well taken.
>Ooh!  Baby knows a bad word!  Go wash your mouth out w/ soap!

Cute.  But I really never said anything about Ralph's language.  You all create
this victorian repulsion of mine because it's an easier argument to refute.  In
some other post, someone, can't remember who (don't care anyway) said that
Ralph mastered street language and it is somehow more appropriate.  Listen,
because I think you missed my point:  I have no qualms about Ralph's language. 
I have no preference for Victorian manners and pleasant speech.  His speech is
fine.  I like his language and his rhetoric;  I hate his point, however, which
is to scare away the opposition with hostility.  Hostility is not the same as
profanity, you see.  Profanity is fine;  hostility is what I was writing about. 
If you do notunderstand the difference, please let me know.

>Please stick around, Ralph.  These punks'll fade soon enough.

>-- Matt D.

You're a good disciple, Matt D. Ralph is lucky to have you.  When you learn to
think for yourself, I'll enjoy our conversations much more.

Steve McDonald

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