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>1) The Greens are not a significant political force in this country, but 
>are in many other (primarily European) countries. 


Depends on what you mean by significant. I believe they have elected
aproximately 60 people to minor posts in the US - ie: city council,
commissions etc. This is quite a significant development in light of
political independence and the two party choke hold. 


>2) Many greens are explicitly anti-capitalist and are also anti-Marxist. 
>We're going to have to come up with a better answer than capitalism is 
>responsible and socialism can solve environmental problems. In part, 
>Marxists will have to explain why the level of environmental destruction 
>occurred within the USSR and the "peoples democracies."


Again, I know Greens who are anti-capitalist and pro marxist. They have an
unfortunate nickname for themselves in the movement - 'watermellons' - green
on the outside and red on the inside. There are pro-capitalist and
anti-marxist greens also, to be sure. Marxist will have to give a balanced
view of the enviormental mistakes in the USSR etc, but serious marxist will
also have to look at the acompishments and realities of those times, ie:
that a 'green' movement existed and began to grow at roughly the same time
it developed here, long before Gorby got on the bandwagon, the role of the
USSR and others in fighting for international treaties on enviornmental
issue etc, Soviet efforts at preserving virgin timber and tundra lands vs.
the plunder now taking place by Georgia Pacific and other US profiteers in
Russia today. - stuff like that.

>3) Is Gorby really Green?

Who knows what Gorby is besides rich now. But he did use green issues in his
drive to dismember the Soviet Union and the CPSU. He placed enviornmental
issues as 'above' class issues and held that they superceded the class
struggle. It was part and parcel of his initial drive to social democratize
the SU. And many others in abandoning marxism have followed in his footsteps
by promoting some kind of idiotic 'contradiction' between red and green.

No, 'capitalism is bad for the enviornment and socialism can solve the
problems of the enviornment' are not sufficient answers. Nor did I say they
were, *but* they are the starting point. This is the starting point that
those leaving marxism want to avoid.

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