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> 1) Thank you for the recommended readings. You might want to check out 
> two newer, and more sophisticated, works of relevance on this subject:
> -- Martin O'Connor ed. _Is Capitalism Sustainable?: Political Ecology and 
>      the Politics of Ecology_, NY, The Guilford Press, 1994
> -- Elmar Altvater _The Future of the Market: An Essay on the Regulation 
>       of Money and Nature after the Collapse of 'Actually Existing 
>       Socialism_, London, Verso, 1993

Louis: Why are they more sophisticated? What is lacking in sophistication 
in the work of David Pepper or John Bellamy Foster? By the way, John, who 
I'm acquainted with, will get a copy of this over on the PEN-L so he can 
speak to you himself about his lack of sophistication.

> 2) I am not "some kind of Trotskyist" as you should know if you had been 
> paying attention.

Louis: OK, not a Trotskyist. Fine. An analytic-Marxist, 
perhaps, to infer from your inquiry about the linguistic philosopher 
Wittgenstein? If you are an analytic-Marxist, as John Roemer is, then I 
suppose it wouldn't do much good to refer you to Soviet history. If you 
retain a shred of Trotskyist (that is to say, Marxist) understanding of Soviet 
history, then perhaps you may understand why the Soviet Union was a much 
as a disaster for the Soviet environment as it was for Soviet society.

> 3) In the future, consider it a complement when another list member gives 
> you a detailed response to your posts (as I did with your paper on the NEP).

Louis: Context is everything. I didn't know you from the man in the moon. 
All I know is that I got what boiled down to a very patronizing "grading" 
of my paper from a complete stranger. Furthermore, you told me that I was 
talking about the problem of industrialization and not the problem of the 
NEP. I interpreted this, correctly in my opinion, as a statement that I 
didn't really know what I was talking about at all.

> 4) You said yesterday, in response to Leo, that you *do not know* why you 
> "pick fights" with others. Unlike Chris B., I am not a psychologist by 
> profession, but your post yesterday strongly suggests that you need 
> professional help. (BTW, why didn't Chris B. pick-up on that comment?).

Louis: How dare you? I've been keeping my looniness a complete secret and 
you have the nerve to spill the beans to the list. (Hey, everybody, I 
might be a nut but you know I love you all the same.)

Finally, Gerry, why do you get so worked up about the "quality" of 
discussion on this raucous, dysfunctional, boiling situation comedy of a 
list. You already have your own e-mail list of your that deals with Marx's 
political economy and which consists of dozens of academic experts like 

Doesn't having this special list that you control keep you happy enough? 
You won't even tolerate us working-class stiffs having our own 
crude and untutored discussions of fascism, etc. 

(Now one of the Gerry Levy "Marxist political economy" e-mail list members 
confided to me yesterday that people are starting to complain over your 
control over the list. Gerry Levy *has decided* what the important 
unanswered questions about Marxian political economy are, and that's 
that. Isn't that something. By the way, what are the criteria for getting on 
your list? Could anybody on the Marxism list get on? Could Pat3 get on? 
Why don't you extend him an invite. Now myself, my eyes glaze over when it 
comes to LTV and FROP, so don't worry about me coming over there and 
breaking furniture and pissing on the floor.)

By the way, I am deeply proud of being a computer programmer. It has 
allowed me to provide valuable assistance to the Sandinistas, the FMLN, the 
ANC, SWAPO, and the governments of Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. 
After 27 years of working with computers, I have never once aspired to 
climb the management ladder. I can't think of anything more alienating 
than reviewing somebody so they get a 5% raise rather than a 3% raise. 
This is the reason I never went into academia. How can professors live 
with themselves when so much of their life is involved with grading 
people. Some people take to it, I guess....

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