Ryan Daum rdaum at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Sun Nov 19 19:36:33 MST 1995

I'm leaving this list because the level of conversation has stooped to 
complete and pointless discussions about the fucked-up personality of 
Louis N. Proyect, who has gone from being a fairly good advocate of 
regroupment to a Trot-baiting basket case attempting to dominate the 
entire bandwidth of discussion.

When I first subscribed a year ago this list had quality discussions on 
philosophical, political, economic issues.  While there was very little 
discussion of actual _activity_ at least it was a place where a young 
Marxist like myself could learn something -- things that I could at least 
use conceptually in my actual real world activism.

Proyects anti-intellectualism, Ralph Dumain's bizarre egomania, and the 
discussions which follow from them have turned this list into a farce of 
its former self.

Proyect is an advocate of regroupment.  Unfortunately for the left, it 
looks like it could be very difficult to work along with Louis in any 
kind of real regroupment effort.  You can't have a united front with an 
insane man.

I'm going to go order a pizza.

In solidarity,

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