Wittgenstein & green hopes

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Mon Nov 20 00:46:17 MST 1995

On Sun, 19 Nov 1995, Adrien Verlee wrote:

> >	Political activists do understand the requirement for a critical
> >theory -- they just don't expect much to come out of critiquing bourgeois
> >philosophers, and would rather spend their valuable time critiquing
> >MARXIST thinkers... 
> Not quit right. Marxist thinkers doesn't live on a moon. And Marx/Engels
> were always faultless?

	That's why I was careful to say `don't expect _much_'; there's
always SOMETHING to learn from most _any_ thoughtful human being -- I just
don't expect anything from Establishment apologists... 

> An example: The a priori given  categories space and time (Immanuel Kant).
> 'Small' marxists throw this away. More: they deformed Kant!!
> So, when space and time are a priori given to human (ratio) why then reject
> Wittgenstein?

	Gee -- all I ever got out of Wittgenstein was this picture I carry
around in my head of him in a snapshot outside his school in the Alps(?)
surrounded by his students...  :>

	I only paid cursory attention to him and can't say I got the

> To clarify: space and time are a priori given, so logic is it also, and
> Wittgenstein say things about logic...

	I sure wish I had time to read this shit.  When I did B4, I 
didn't have this wonderful List...  :<

	What about his logic?  Is it even vaguely dialectical??

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