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Mon Nov 20 02:06:23 MST 1995

> >	ii)	On the other hand,
> >		If a purely electoralist strategy is successful, the reform/
> >		revolution issue cannot be avoided. This has happened in Italy
> >		with the Reconstructed Communists ( I'm can't remember the
> >		exact Italian ). They are currently in government and are split
> >		on whether to oppose the Nothern League's racist immigration
> >		proposals.
> Where did you read these "informations" Adam? I hope you didn't read these
> foolishness in the  Socialist Worker or Socialist Rewiew:
> 1. The name of the party is Rifondazione Comunista (not Reconstruction but
> re-Fundation , I didn't find a better transalation but the the difference
> between construction and fundation is wide) 
> 2. They aren't currently in governament. The split in the parliamentary
> group (in the rank and file the splinters didn't receive support at all) was
> some months ago about this question: support or not support the centre left
> governament Dini (plus Lega)? 
> 3. Both the splinters and Rifondazione are against the pourpose of the
> governament about the immigrations.
> Adam! there are 3 enormous political errors in few words about Rifondazione. 
> The debate about the left reformists party in Europe need a serious information.

Sorry !
I got the information from a quick reading of the guardian, not Socialist Worker or
Socialist Review.

I shall be more careful next time !

> Yurii, Milan (Italy)
> >


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