fascism and unions and the masses

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Mon Nov 20 11:36:24 MST 1995

On Sun, 19 Nov 1995, CEP wrote:

>     Well, here is the interesting thing.  Peron, himself, was a         
>     sympahizer of the initial fascist movement.  As a matter of fact,
>     before the 1943 populist military coup d'etat in Argentina, he
>     was, in the mid 30s, military attache of the Argentinian Embassy
>     in Rome.
>     When he started his political career as a politician, after 1943,
>     he *replaced* the "fascios" with the unions (the only problems,     
>     unions were a working class organizations and the fascios were
>     petitbourgeois organizations).  Then he applied most ot the         
>     rhethoric against "superpowers" of the defeated italian imperialism
>     to the Argentinian, semicolonial world (I'm being here a little
>     sektchy and supeficial, but it will suffice to give you a hint).    
>     Then what in Italy was a cry to "revive italian imperialism" in
>     Argentina translated into "let's get rid of English imperialism".
>     So, maybe he tried, but under the conditions of a semicolony and
>     without the middle class support (in fact the middle class in the
>     40s and 50s was rabidly anti-peronist) and with aproject to BUILD
>     BOURGEOISIE AS A ITALY) he ended up with a "populist, bourgeois
>     nationalist movement", supported by a small fraction of the
>     petty bourgeoisie, and emerging faction of the national bourgeoisie
>     and the bulk of the working class.  Intead of a fascist movement
>     that, under the conditions of semicolonial oppression WAS NO        

	So we can say that Pero'n was a fascist lider without a
constituency?  Due to the objective conditions in Argentina?

>     What they are they doing now.  Well, not much different. Only
>     reverse.  Communists supported Peronists unconditionally for a      
>     while  (at the time of its decay during the early 80s) and so they
>     gave him the mantle of "progressivenes" they needed to rcuperate
>     their influence in the working class.  Now, they align themselves,
>     once more, with bourgeois parties to opposse "Peronism" for the
>     wrong reasons ... you go and figure that out!

	Always two steps behind, eh?  So sad...

	What does Juan have to say about this?

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