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> >	I've seen this phenomenon with my own eyes: a virile, but
> >unavoidably celibate priest attracting a hero-worshipping boy, with all
> >the undertones of sexuality... 
> >
> >	CLEARLY priests should be able to marry like everyone else.  A
> >GREAT BIG reason to dislike the totalitarian Catholic Church... 
> this response is simple pandering to bigotry.

	I haven't said anything when you lighted-into naked
priest-bashing, but I do take exception to the above... 

	What's so holy about the friggin' `Church'??  Isn't Wojtila one 
of our greatest ENEMIES??

	I saw what I saw and it's real enuff -- as any tabloid will tell
you these daze...  Stop defending the indefensible.  The `Church' should
get off its high-holy hog and allow priests to marry and women to become
priests also.  If some FEW catholics want a socialist future, I'm all for
being civil to them...  The hierarchy of that organization is certainly 
NOT civil and does not deserve our respect, but our CONDEMNATION.

	Your defense of this malign religion mystifies me -- Burns
doesn't.  He's honestly trying to Square the Circle, and I admire his
Sisyphaean effort...  :>

	The rest of the anti-communist lot can go to _Hell_ AFAIC. 

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