Is Liberation Theology reactionary?

Lorenzo Penya Laurentius at
Wed Nov 22 10:30:32 MST 1995

Some people on the list have in effect tried to refute the progressive
character of Christian Liberation Theology by pointing to the huge number
of former proponents of LT (or in some cases apparently current
adherents) who in the end have joined bourgeois establishment parties.
      The trouble with such a line of argument is that by the same token
you'll discredit Marxism. Need I elaborate? In Spain (e.g.) A great many
formerly Marxists of every stripe (Trotskists, Maoists, mainstream
communists, Titoists, Castroists) have joined the Socialist Workers'
Party (the ruling bourgeois-monarchist party). A few of them have joined
the Popular party (the alternative bourgeois-monarchist party). Some of
those former Marxists have been involved in some sad cases of corruption
and the like. (I suppose they think: `Since communism turns out to stifle
human capacity whereas the market makes it flourish, let's have a
prosperous wonderful life by becoming wealthy, and long live the
      Look, folks, humans change over time, as anything else (even number
2 changes, since the set of two-membered sets today is not the same as
it was yesterday; and, Peter, God changes, too -- as Peter Geach rightly
acknowledges). There are times to sow and times to harvest. Times when
it is easy to be a radical revolutionary and times when it is very hard
to be even a moderate anti-market reformist (I beg your pardon, market-
socialism enthusiasts).

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