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Thu Nov 23 18:06:14 MST 1995

In my previous post:
>P.S.  This is what Althusser had to say about his structuralist followers
>in 'Elements of Self-Criticism', taking responsibility for this
>"theoreticist deviation" himself:
>It was no doubt on this occassion that the accidental by-product of my
>theoreticist tendency, the young put called structuralism, slipped between
>by legs ...' (_Essays in Self-Criticism_, NLB, 1976, pp. 124-125)

This should, of course, read "young pup" - I don't know what a "young put"
could possibly be - a golfing error perhaps?

On the reduction of philosophy to science, could it possibly be that much
of what we see now as "devastating critiques" of Marxism possibly a product
of the inverse reduction, that of science to philosophy?


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