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Fri Nov 24 01:12:24 MST 1995


I not only found your response to Jim J's request very interesting, but 
because it was concrete, it helped me to  a break-through in understanding
how you have been using abstract concepts over the last year. I now feel this
makes sense to me.

Argentina has the largest number of subscribers to this list, from any
non-English speaking country - about 10.

A qualitative leap will occur when you Argentinan marxists dare to argue 
out on this list, what you agree with and what you don't in each other's 
concrete analysis. And you will have to believe that it is going to be 
every bit as interesting for those of us who do not live in the USA,as it is to
the debates about the USA. It could be very interesting also to subscribers
in the USA.

I am therefore specifically welcoming your contribution because,
it could help to solve the problem of the overwhelming cultural
hegemony of the USA on this list by helping to internationalise the range of 

Only one  request that I think would significantly  strengthen the relevance of
contributions: if in your case they could sometimes be a bit shorter. My hunch
that when a contribution goes above 100 lines, readers are expecially likely to 
skip it. It's up to you, but as someone who likes complex arguments myself,
I usually think three times before posting a contribution above 100 lines. 
Concretely I think the number of potential readers is likely to drop from 
20 to 3, or that order of magnitude. It may be worth that loss, but it is also
worth weighing up.


Chris, London

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