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Adam Rose adam at
Fri Nov 24 01:36:40 MST 1995

Carlos wrote:
> Steve Wallis wrote: 
> >
> >However, there are many constituencies where the Tories (and Lib Dems) 
> don't
> >stand a chance of getting in.  The SLP could get sizable support in 
> such
> >constituencies, as Militant Labour has demonstrated by standing 
> independently.
> >
>         Carlos Replies:
>         I have the question.  Even in the case that an electoral 
>         intervention cost the Labor Party to lose the elections
>         What's the problem?  If it is so to the right as to no
>         warrant entryism for the Marxist ....???>

You're right. Steve is being inconsistent.
If Labour is a Capitalist Party just like the Tories + Liberals,
then who cares if voting SLP might stop it winning ?

If Steve does care, then it is because Labour is still the main
reformist party in Britain.

> >---
> >
> >Adam suggests that Militant should have merged with the SWP in the 
> mid-80s.
> >In my opinion, there were and still are too many differences between 
> us in
> >terms of strategy and tactics (let alone theoretical differences) for 
> a
> >merged organisation to function effectively - it would probably have 
> turned
> >into a huge faction fight and a split at a later date.
>         Carlos Replies:
>         I raised the question before of a unity between SWP and         
>         Militant and I received a NO answer from both Militant and
>         SWP members in another group.  Now, the question is for
>         Militant, not about the 80s, but about now.  If they
>         are willing to make entryism in the SLP, why not propose
>         a join work in the SLP with the SWP?

Look, this whole debate is completely insane !

The SWP is bigger than Militant. Militant is bigger than the SLP,
obviously, because the SLP doesn't exist. So how does it make 
sense for Militant to propose joint work with the SWP in the SLP ?

It's like a trout proposing to a shark to enter a minnow's foetus !


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