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Fri Nov 24 10:17:14 MST 1995

You wrote: 
>>     Adam wrote:
>The SLP doesn't exist yet !

>Given the relative numbers involved, while the SWP is part of the 
>about left alternatives to Labour, it's ridiculous to suggest the SWP 
>should join the SLP. We'd probably have enough members to force the 
>party to change its name to the Socialist Workers Party.
>I think this whole debate has lost touch with reality.
>Carlos, you have mistaken Steve's wishes for what has actually 
>and started your argument on that, false, premise.
    Carlos Replies:
    Your point is well taken, Adam.  Since I'm not there and I don't
    know the figures and developments of the SLP project and you do:
    What about telling us what are those and why your organization are
    discounting them?


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