Is Liberation Theology reactionary?

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Fri Nov 24 16:24:41 MST 1995

In a message dated 95-11-22 05:05:52 EST, lorenzo penya writes:

>Some people on the list have in effect tried to refute the progressive
>character of Christian Liberation Theology by pointing to the huge number
>of former proponents of LT (or in some cases apparently current
>adherents) who in the end have joined bourgeois establishment parties.
>      The trouble with such a line of argument is that by the same token
>you'll discredit Marxism. Need I elaborate?

No and Yes.

That argument is a kissing cousin to the guilt by association arguments which
are irrational and effective. Which is why Yes. 

In fact, marxism has been largely and effectively discredited by just the
same arguments used against the (former) USSR and socialist bloc.

On the other hand, perhaps there is something to this "fruit of the poisonous
tree" critique and, if so, it calls for some reflection.

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