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>> >BTW, how can anyone think that Gramsci was a Stalinist. ? Quite Bizarre,
>> >if you ask me.
>> he was, after all, a member of the PCI when it was stalinist. 
>And I was a member of the Labour Party when Kinnock was leader, that fact
>nothing about my politics, just as the above says little about Gramsci's.

Didn't Gramsci support the 21 conditions for admission to the Comintern ?
Didnt Gramsci support the "democratic" centralism of the Bolshevik party
which he saw close up in the mid-20s which was, at least and most charitably,
the seed bed of stalinism ? Does it soften it to describe him as an early
stalinist, a pre-mature stalinist or a proto-stalinist ? unlike luxemburg,
gramsci did not wage a battle against the Bolsheviks on the issue of party
democracy, unless i am missing something. i understand that Gramsci is one of
the last remaining sainted marxists but i find it hard to ignore his bona
fides as a stalinist in good standing until his untimely demise. 

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