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> This is the "fundamental question" according to whom ? Apparently according
> to those who can't resist an old liberal knee-jerk response to kick the
> clergy.

	You really don't consider the anti-communist activity of 
THOUSANDS of priest and bishops -- not to mention Wojtila hisself -- to 
be of importance here??

 It is pure and simple bigotry to bait the priest instead of
> responding to the legitimate issues he has raised.

	_I'm_ only guilty of sly digs...   :>

 Of course, that would
> assume that the bigoted baiters COULD respond. No, I dont spend alot of time
> worrying about the nefarious Catholic Church; it has been falling apart at
> its seams for over half a century.

	I, for one, wouldn't mind finishing it off.

 I am more worried about the historic
> collapse of the left around the whole world. Of course, given the history of
> the left, who wouldnt become self-conscious, discouraged and unnerved. I'm
> confident it is only a momentary pause, but I am must more concerned about
> the self-organization of the working classes and the development of the left.
> So, when i read of an individual like burns reaching out to others he
> believes are on the same side as he, i do not think of hurling stones at HIM.

	Brickbats, maybe...

	Even if we're in for the Thousand Year Reich/Iron Heel, we'll
_eventually_ bring them down -- I'm sure of it.  And nothing is
necessarily `teleological' about that. 

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