Robert Perrone perrone1 at igc.apc.org
Fri Nov 24 16:37:42 MST 1995

Tlmkr writes, in part, in his post of Nov. 23: "The last great 
contribution to this field [understanding history and revolution] 
came from Leon Trotsky with his theory of uneven development."
Maybe I'm being picky but I believe that Lenin was writing about 
uneven development in 1916 when he wrote "Imperialism, the Highest 
Stage of Capitalism." While he may not have used those precise words, 
he certainly articulated the concept when he wrote, "It would be a 
very great illusion...to forget that it was easy for the Russian 
Revolution to begin but difficult for it to take further steps....The 
European revolution will have to begin against the bourgeiosie, a 
much more serious enemy, and under immeasurably more difficult 
Robert Perrone

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