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        Writes:"I think the question of the dictatorship of the proletarian and the theory of the State of Lenin are interesting and important issues to discuss in this list."@ix.netcom.com                            ;
    I also think that many things has happened since Lenin wrote
    the book "State and Revolution", including the collapse of the
    Soviet Union after decades of degeneration.  Any discussion should
    aim, in my opinion, to clarify how much Marxism has advanced
    in the questions of the Dictatorship  of the Proletariat and the
    Theory of the State since then.

    I will recommend people in this list read an excelent work.  It is
    titled "The Revolutionary Dictatorship  of the Proletariat", by
    Darioush Karim, written and published in 1980 (in several languages
    including English) as a response to "Socialist Democracy and the
    Dictatorship of the Proletariat" from the United Secretariat of
    the Fourth International (and I think that text was extremely good
    in reflecting the growing abandonment of most Marxists of the
    Leninist advocacy of the Dicatorship and of the Theory of the       

    I will prepare a text to submit to this thread in the next few days 
    as this a very important issue, IMO.


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