100 Years of (Mis)Understanding

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sun Nov 26 07:08:03 MST 1995

On Sun, 26 Nov 1995 ROSSERJB at vax1.acs.jmu.edu wrote:

> such baloney after awhile and overthrow it.  Again, if people
> on this list are going to go along with self-appointed purgers
> like Louis Proyect who sneer at democracy then any serious
> workers' movement based on Marx in this world will remain a
> marginal joke only for those who enjoy their sects.
>      Jim, shall I hook you up with 'Barney Ross' and his
> Nth International! ?  I think you'd make a good candidate.
> Barkley Rosser

Louis: I owe an apology to Barkley Rosser. I have used a 
inappropriate level of invective against him on PEN-L and the Marxism list. 
I have made a terrible mistake. I thought Ross was one of those snooty 
professors whom I detest so much. I drew this conclusion because I found 
myself locked in mortal combat with Ross and someone who *was* a snooty 
professor in a debate on Market Socialism over on PEN-L. I should learn to 
pay more attention to what people are saying. 

Ross is not professor, he is just a slob like the rest of us workers and 
students on the list and I will tune down my replies if I ever find him 
saying something interesting in the future. (Eeek, this reminds of a 
horrible dream I had last night. Noam Chomsky was my professor in a course 
on Marxism at Bard College. He gave me an F because I turned in a paper on 
the 18th Brumaire written with pencil instead of ink.)

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