Gramsci and Stalinism - error #2 - seeds

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>But the most fundamental error here is really requiring that Gramsci have
>had all the benefits of our hindsight. The imagery of the seeds is
>he is somehow supposed to be able to envision the form of the fully grown
>tree when it is a seed or a young sapling. This is just poor history.
oh come on. marx spent much of his adult life figuring out the potential for
a revolutionary transition by examining the seeds of working class power in
what we now know was a youthful capitalism. i just guess that when gramsci
went to moscow and saw that 5% of the population ruled, saw the methods that
were used to subjugate the rest, saw the 'primitive accumulation' of the
"socialist" state, and saw the legions of leather-jacketed commissars that he
thought everything was just fine ?

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