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At ,18 /11 Jerry wrote about green/red issue and polemicizing with Louis:

>>I was trying to stimulate discussion on this list on what I view as 
>>important issues. Those who care about this list can either discuss these 
>>issues or suggest other important threads.

I too think that the Greens'ideas should be discussed and defined by
marxists, but in a totaly different perspective. I think the Greens are the
modern reformists, more dangerous for the revolutionary perspectives of the
working class than the traditional (nowadays obsolete) reformists from
socialdemocracy and western stalinism.
I wrote a special article on our (Partito comunista internazionaista -
Battaglia comunista) theoretical magazine: Prometeo.
For readers of Italian I attach here the file of that article, hoping the
attach will work. (If it doesn't work, could some moderator tell me how to do?)
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