Hostility to professors

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Mon Nov 27 00:09:58 MST 1995

Dearest Louis,

I have a problem about your hostility to professors,
and IMO the list has a problem because we need good
links with the most progressive sections of the academic

Louis: I owe an apology to Barkley Rosser. I have used a
inappropriate level of invective against him on PEN-L and the Marxism list.
I have made a terrible mistake. I thought Ross was one of those snooty
professors whom I detest so much. I drew this conclusion because I found
myself locked in mortal combat with Ross and someone who *was* a snooty
professor in a debate on Market Socialism over on PEN-L. I should learn to
pay more attention to what people are saying.

Ross is not professor, he is just a slob like the rest of us workers and
students on the list and I will tune down my replies if I ever find him
saying something interesting in the future. 

Why do you detest professors?

Would you see any advantage in doing anything about this problem?

How can we help you with this problem?

Yours ever,


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