Caring and freedom are oxymorons

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Mon Nov 27 01:48:13 MST 1995

Hi Frank,

I was very pleased to see you had come back. I was afraid in all
the bustle we had lost you. IMO contributions such as yours
greatly add to the range and the strength of this list. 
Everyone is democratically equal in front of the electron. We have
a span of age and experience stretcing across at least 50 and perhaps 
60 years, and 26 countries.

You are at the cutting edge of the new world. Especially your experience
of what your friends think is valuable. If we cannot convince people
under the age of 20 of the relevance of marxism, we have lost. If we 
can convince them, in terms of their own lives, we have won!

And thanks for the stimulation with the dictionary (it seems we need 
italian, german and greek dictionaries too). So an oxymoron is a sharp-dull,
a vivid contrast and apparent contradiction to make a point. (Like I think of 
myself as a religious atheist).

OK point taken. Caring and freedom are two sides of the same coin. We are all
wonderfully and painfully interdependent.

I am also picking up your post because I was struck by Marc's signature line
"I wan't to be free". In fact I can think of very very few references to 
freedom in marxism. Perhaps your friends have a point. I am not sure marxism
is about freedom.

In fact I can only think at the moment of Engels' remark that "Freedom is the 
recognition of necessity."  Yes, I think you have hit on an important point,
because this too is an oxymoron.

Any further comments back to Frank, oxy or moronic?

Chris, London

[oxygen, people may remember, was so named because of its highly 
corrosive and acidic properties. Moron, the etymological part of my 
dictionary says, means "dull"]

From: dnedre <dnedre at>
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 95 23:00 PST
Subject: Careing and lack of freedom are oximorons!

        I am finding in my quest to indocranate people, That most people
belive at the root of Marxism is the lack of freedom. This makes no sence,
even resonably intelligent people should be able to relise it is the other
way. Since when did Capitalism have any links to freedom exept for freedom
for the rich....?


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