Finland & 100 Years of (Mis) Understanding

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Tue Nov 28 16:13:09 MST 1995

The reformists / soc.dems.  on this list are annoying me

No-one has talked about the role of imperialism in shoring up the 
economic and political conditions of the 'west' european nations 
during the long boom. Surely finland was a recipient of some of this. 
Although it had a 'special relationship' with the USSR, it also had a 
'special relationship' with the NATO. Finland played an each way bet 
and attempted for the best of both worlds. It makes little sense in a 
global economic system to compare individual countries.

Start with the totality of the position of Finland in the world 
system. It had the benefit of not being completely surrounded by a 
hostile economic system as the USSR was, developed a 'special' 
relationship with the 
USSR, and used its 'frontline' status to get concessions from the 
west. This was in the interests of the Finnish ruling class. The 
workers, through social democratic organisation benefitted from this, 
but in no way challenged capitalism - if the capitalists were losing 
out, they sure would let us workers know! Rosser - have you found the 
'win-win' solution to the class struggle?

The capitalist class was expropriated in Czeckoslavakia and then the 
didn't have the patronage of the Marshall Plan. Austria was pretty 
fucked after the war, but had money pumped into it by the victorious 
imperialist anti-communist powers. Czeckoslavakia had the patronage 
of a country that had been pretty much gutted and had an economic 
system that actually doesn't make profit from war manufactures. The 
fact that the system was then run bureaucratically with the survival 
of the USSR at the core of its existence didn't help.

Rosser, you are siding with the capitalist class on this one matey. 
"Hope you're happy there".

The fact that in Czekland and GDR etc.. the capitalist class was 
expropriated and it wasn't in Finland (it actually shored itself up 
through the brutal suppression of the workers/revolutionary movement) 
or Austria is a fairly profound fact that you haven't dealt with.

Oh! I've always wanted to turn this around. "Hey Rosser. If Finland 
is so good - go live there!"

PS :Oh. By the way. If you happened to be a northern Finn (indigenous 
minority) you were generally envious of the land rights that their 
cousins received in the northern autonomous zones of the RSFSR post 
1960. But I am doing a silly comparison that I am criticising the soc 
dems for doing.

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