A proletarian Thanksgiving

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Tue Nov 28 08:24:13 MST 1995

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995 UticaRose at aol.com wrote:

> aside from your enjoyable prose and curiously insightful comments on
> northeastern cities, et cetera, your passing observations on the SWP
> reinforce my experience as an outsider and reading as an interested student
> of the left. the SWP has always been a degenerated left wing sect, nicht wahr
> ? and just when left wing politics catch the wind of a popular movement, the

Louis: Marvelous! Mr. Rose is being condescending to me, nicht wahr? Ach, 
was ist das fur ein boser Gast! Nimmer halt er Ruh, nimmer halt er Rast! 
Nicht bei Tag, nicht bei Nacht, wenn ich schlief! O Weh! Oh Weh! Oh Weh! 
*Now* everybody on the list will get the opportunity to see my mean side.

Mr. Rose, the SWP was not like the Spartacist League in the 1960's. Now 
it is. This was a degeneration. It is like going from bronchitis to 
double pneumonia.

> the left just wouldnt be worth much without the SWP "types" but, like alot of
> engineers of revolution, when that popular wind has turned in another
> direction or just stopped for awhile, the times are not kind.

Louis: Mr. Rose, you alluded to your 30 years of involvement with the 
left. Could you give us a little bit of your curricula vitae? With the 
tag Utica Rose, you adopt the technique of our erstwhile "Pat" of the 
Maoist Internationalist Movement. He used a pseudonym because he was 
trying to throw the FBI off-track (!?). What is your excuse? Are you 
trying to disguise your identity as Albert Shanker's chauffeur? Or, are 
you the person who wrote dossiers on African National Congress supporters 
for the B'Nai Brith Anti-Defamation League? Rose is a Jewish name, isn't 
it? Utica is a Hebrew name, perhaps? Wasn't Utica the son of Hekeziah who 
murdered 10,000 Philistines in their bed upon instructions from that 
blood-thirsty demon Yahweh?

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