Careing and lack of freedom are oximorons!

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Tue Nov 28 16:16:45 MST 1995

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Richard Clark Eckert wrote:

> I have recently been reminded that it was not the lack of Native 
> owned property or even a desire to accumulate property that so offended 
> Europeans, but the fact that human rights were intertwined with 
> property rights. This issue most Marxist that I have talked to have no 
> problem with once the Eurocentric history is exposed.  However, when I 
> mention that dreams were considered by the Anishinabeg to be the highest 
> form of personal property, not of thing of air, but having utility, then 
> the attempts are made to "indoctrinate" me.  

	You're in Michigan (I'm from the North Shore of Lake Superior
myself) -- which explains to me why you used the Ojibwa (Chippewa) word
`Anishinabeg' -- the `People', I believe... 

	I really liked your post -- and it might even help me to deal with
the contradictory feelings I have towards what I've seen mostly as
mysticism in the native people I deal with, while I've always accepted
their basically communal property beliefs as my own model (with modern
marxist development, of course..!)

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